Pollution of the protected forest by oil products and by drain effluent

Infringements: Clauses 25, 26 and 27 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus «About Special Protected Natural Territories and Objects» are violated; Clause 55 of «Forest Codes» of the Republic of Belarus is violated; pollution of the protected forest ecosystems.

Events, facts, documents and evidences: A great number of cars cross the area of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Foremost these are timber lories and the intense economic activity causes technocratic pollution within the territory of Pushcha. This also negatively effects the preservation of wood ecosystems.

A malfunctioning timber lorry caused a big flood of machine oil on the road which crosses the reserved wood, as shown on these pictures.

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(A big flood of machine oil, compartment 71, December 15, 2004)

These pictures demonstrate a site in the sewage system, in which the wall is broken. It results in drain effluent flowing out of the sewers and the water consequently pollutes the surrounding forest.

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(Sewage in the forest, compartment 824, December 26, 2004)

Further: Rotten timber wood left to lie in the forest (2004), continuation