THE DIRECTOR'S HOUSE (2001 - 2003)

Events, facts, documents and evidences: Once, while exploring the cyberspace of internet, searching references about Belovezhskaya Pushcha, an interesting record appeared in the section "ESTATE ANNOUNCEMENT BOARD" at; "We are specialized in renting accommodation for living. We are better than others in handing over and renting apartments, rooms or office buildings. Our firm has branches all over St. Petersburg. We have thousands of apartments and rooms.". Below, at this announcement was made: "I sell two floors within a house built of bricks and panel beams and a living space of 150 m2. The house is located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Belarus) at a distance of 15 kms from the presidential dacha Viskuly. An interesting offer. Is this house within Belovezhskaya Pushcha so important that an announcement for sale is being made in St. Petersburg? It turned out not to be just a house. It was the private residence of Vasily Zhukov, who has been a former general director of "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" National Park. As locals assert he had been able to privatize or catch up this formerly communal residence before he leaved the Park (picture 1).

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(March 2003)

Director Vasiliy Zhukov has managed the National Park during five years. Before he was employed by the National Park he headed a collective farm called "Spark", which was situated in the district Rechica of the region of Gomel. During his term in the National Park he had a house of two storeys being build, which was of good quality compared to the local, rural standard. It was the smartest house in the village of Kamenyuki. Zhukov did not invest a single cent of his own, since construction of the house was financed from the budget of the National Park. The good design inside the house was made by financial means of the National Park as well. In order to privatize the building the property was changed from the category of departmental apartments to a municipal one. In 2000 Zhukov migrated to Minsk, the capital of Belarus to work and to live. He sold "his" house in Belovezhskaya Pushcha to a Russian family. According to statements of local inhabitants from Kamenyuki he received a sum of several 10,000's of Dollars. These proceeds are not bad since, according to local inhabitants, only several 1,000's of Dollars were spent to privatize the building. The Russian family, said to be good citizens by locals, use the residence to spend summertime, while the new director could no longer be offered a residence. Therefore he had to accept to live in a hotel.

In May 2001 Mr. Nickolai Bambiza was chosen as the next director of the National Park. In contradistinction to the previous directors, N. Bambiza did not reside in a room of the hotel located close to the administrative centre of the National Park in the village of Kamenyuki. He chose a motel-house for five persons as his permanent address of residence situated in the Podbelskie Ogorodniki village. This motel is situated in the forestry area of Belovezhskaya Pushcha at eight kilometers distance from the administrative center. Next to this house there is a small pond and a sauna and a fireplace under a canopy. Other buildings adjoin this house are available too. Around the house picturesque sites of protected forest are located (pictures 2 - 12). As a consequence Mr. Bambiza had to travel to the office with a jeep on daily basis, spending additional liquids on petrol. Moreover tourists have lost the opportunity to live and rest in what has been the most popular motel-house. And because of that the National Park has lost an important source of income.

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(January 5, 2003)

An overhaul of the motel-house, which included improvement of its comfort and the installation of modern technological features inside the house, was initiated. The interior of the building was altered repeatedly; on one moment one did not like the wooden planks and in a next moment something else was found not to be appropriate. After considerable means from the budget of the National Park were spent for reparation and modernization of the house, some actions were made which definitely testify an attempt to privatize the motel. According to informal sources and to information from documents from Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park an estimation of the commercial value was made, an attempt to alienate surrounding land from the state property was done and some other procedures were carried out. All these actions were made in total secrecy. One could rely on a probable success in realizing this plan. One may assume that the fact that the motel-house and the surrounding land can be turned into private property, although the fact that both are state property (National Park) should prevent this. One may assume this when the facts outlined in previous pages of "Photo facts" at the website are understood well. No attention was paid to any earlier offences by the appropriate state bodies. Nobody punished or was going to punish those responsible for the outlined infringements at all.

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