Low effective wood processing (2003)

Infringements: Economic loss because of a wasteful method of processing wood.

Events, facts, documents and evidences: In the winter of 2003 one of the inhabitants of the village of Kamenyuki, the administrative center of Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, bought remnants - or wood scrap - of processed wood, sold as fire wood. To the great surprise of this citizen he had not bought wood scrap in the sense commonly used by the timber industry. It was a voluminous slab - wood from the lateral part of a log - which remained after the logs of huge pines were processed.

The age of the pines processed at the workshop was approximately 150 years and all trees delivered to the wood-processing-workshop had been logged alive. So, it would be desirable that these trees came from sites of the forest which had badly suffered the impact of the powerful hurricane. of 2002. Though, it can not be excluded that a number of these trees may have been felled illegally in the way described in the sections "Cutting down living pines of old age in protected compartments" and "Cutting down living coniferous forest of old age".

The width of some of such "slabs" equaled up to 76 centimeters (!). Based on the geometry of the shape of the stem of trees (circle) this indicates that the diameter of the concerned tree was about 110 centimeters. The woodworker, the citizen who bought this piece of so-called wood scrap, could make a lot of valuable boards of high quality out of the block, while the operators of the wood-processing-workshop made waste out of it. This manner of exploiting raw wood can be classified as an inefficient mode of processing valuable trees in a way which produces great volumes of waste. It cannot be regarded as an economic or well-considered way of production.

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(Kamenyuki village, February 22, 2003)

These pictures present the size of the slab compared to the size of a man. The man had to make small pieces from this block, by chopping it down with an axe, before it was truly useful as fire wood. This cost the woodworker lots of power, since the massive piece of wood weighted tens of kilograms.

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(Kamenyuki village, February 22, 2003)

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