A new travel to Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Valeriy TSAPKOV, a reporting at the personal live-journal "http://valery-brest-by.livejournal.com/107027.html", May 12, 2007

I have taken from wafunif_ee a book by Heorhi Kazulka (that is a man who fought against cutting down in the Pushcha) "Will Belovezhskaya Pushcha be a true World Heritage Site?".

Pictures and schemes are very good. I will scan something if they are absent in the web-net.

It is interesting why are Belarusian "greens" so sluggish? The greens who are truly ungovernable are not enough...

A sad sight is how the Pushcha is looking from the outer space plantations in lines instead of century-old forests: http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&om=0&z=17&ll=52.490718,23.951633&spn=0.001881,0.004892&t=h

I heard from one of the lumber-men that a wood disc with the flat cutting surface of an oak tree which thickness is only 5 cm can cost few thousand Euros in Germany. If it's true, where is money?

It would be interesting to know how to get financial documents of the National Park and nearby sawmills? It would also be good to organize the secret supervision of motorways and a railway in the summer... Like in old kind times when partisans laying in bushes near a road counted trains with fascists... And then to take data and to compare them.

...It is necessary to think whether it is possible to bring these data into the practice.


Added on May 13
A new travel to Belovezhskaya Pushcha:

"Well, in the depth which is not visible from big roads, first cutting sites began to come across the forest. The more into the depth, the more often cutting sites. Moreover, if dead broken and cut down trees were well visible in some places, in other places normal trees extracted as a timber were also well visible. Woodcutters are especially not indifferent to oaks trees. It's like in the song by Vysotskiy (c) "Burly slobs left a log hut to fell all oaks to make coffins".

From himself. I should like very much to drive Lukashenko's supporters (not ordinary persons, but adherents of his system) under plank-beds. Are there wishing to help? The total control for roads from the Pushcha should be organized in the summer and the way to get financial documentation should be found. We need one or two hundred men. Any help is welcomed.

Communication can be reached by different ways: by phone, by emails messmend@tut.by, valeriy.tsapkou@gmail.com, personal meeting in Brest is possible.


Photos sent by Valeriy Fom????kiy (the city of Brest) from the website <http://braiton-bx.livejournal.com/2378.html#cutid2> after visiting the Pushcha.

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