A report in relation to the ecologist Valery Dranchuk was made

Website "Charter'97", July 27, 2006

The drawing up a report on infringement of rules of especially protected natural territories in relation to Valery Dranchuk, journalist-ecologist and author of green SOS-publications, finalized his next business trip to Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

It is known that the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is a World Heritage Site and Belarus which signed a number of important international ecological documents including a Convention on World Heritage Sites, bears responsibility for preservation and quality of this area of mankind.

Prosecutions of the journalist-ecologist began after he raised the question in the publications that Belarus does not discharge international obligations and Pushcha, contrary to them, is not conserved being in the clutches of ruthless machine of forest exploitation. Moreover, the mechanism of commercial exploitation becomes stronger year by year and the starting up operation of a high-efficiency sawmill in 1999 testifies to it, while the ecosystems of Pushcha, its integrity and beauty continue to get collapse and to become degraded requiring the exact diagnosis and urgent measures on restoration and saving.

On this background a scientific department of the National Park is looking rather depressing. There were times when fifty six researchers were the staff of the department. Today their number has reached down to be twelve.

This is the bright indicator on where Pushcha goes, Valery Dranchuk said. It goes to the complete decline and social impasse. This evidently characterizes the holders of the Park. All priorities are set. But yesterday I got shocked because of rather another occasion. To what extent is possible to humiliate even this science reached to the end of one's tether! The scientific department together with the archives and library was thrown out from an old cosy building located near to a museum and was placed in the literally infernal conditions within the territory of a timber processing plant or the so-called industrial zone, in the middle of many-sided and aggressive industrial conglomeration. The incessant conveyor of such the Pushcha's "Auschwitz" (the concentration camp in Germany during the Second World War) is around. Let's imagine a check-guard point and a huge entrance gate. These structures are obviously of a camp-like type. You go by this conveyor – close and open industrial shops, a timber processing bench, warehouses … A recently extracted trees and boards of one meter in width are nearby. A building where the scientific department is taking sheltered is the final. The repair shops, in my opinion, are in the ground floor. Noise, crash and yelp are around. The science was probably dipped into such the realities for the purpose to better acquire conceptions, the most adequate for the World Heritage - biodiversity and culture, beauty and ecological ethic, education and scientific tourism…

A former building where a titmouse was possible to listen in a window is under reconstruction in the modern European style. The science will never be back here. The only holders of the Park, Property Management Department of the President are aware of who will accommodate the new hotel. A new building of the Park's management is still under the project. But the science is already within the industrial zone for a long time …

It is certainly a marvel that I got access to the territory of this industrial zone being managed by means known only to me. I made the acquaintance of Professor Evgeny Busco, new deputy director on science. He invited me to drink tea and apologized for the conditions. Evgeny Busco admitted that it's especially awkwardly when a cultured woman comes here or, God forbid, the foreigners will cross the threshold. As for the lasts, Evgeny Busco worries absolutely for noting. They will not be allowed to come close here.

After I left the department the boys from the guard took me close to the circle. They neither allowed me visiting the building of the Park's administration, nor the library. No one step ahead! To talk with the deputy director on ideology, I had to wait for him about one hour at the checkpoint. I could go to meet him. The distance was fifty meters. But there were already directions. "We are the executors", the young security guards of twenty - twenty five years old confessed.

The ideological core of our conversation with the deputy director on ideology was simple like stupefaction. Can I get a stamp to my business trip paper, I asked? The answer was "who invited you to come here?" I would like to see the library, I said. The answer was "you have no registration as a reader there". Who will arrange the paper on admission in the National Park? The answer was "I don't make the decision on this". That was my acquaintance with Alexander Sharynda. By the way, Alexander Sharynda is a new person in Pushcha. I asked many people about what winds blew him here but no one was aware of it. The vacancy was not openly announced. As to Mr Sharynda, he answered my question about his former job like I am not allowed to get know this. It would appear he has already learned how to answer for journalists. His reaction upon plenty of my claims, which he seemed the intervention into the industrial zone, was the threat "take him" like "I shall call for the guard now…"

However, he also followed the directions. It is easy to guess who the author of these directions is. The only one man, chief of the Park manages all.

In my book "Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the resolution SOS" I have written the truth about today's destiny of the natural rarity, one of most titled especially protected sites of Belarus. This book is available not only in a local village library but also in libraries of many countries around the world. Its second edition is under preparation. Many, including Nickolai Bambiza, general director of the National Park, consider it a thorn in the flesh. The author of the book and the opponent of old standing to the "reserved regime" is under attempts to be pushed out from Pushcha and is under the pressure by all accessible means including, for example, a local frontier post. This results in infinite checks on roads in the true sense of this word.

All was eventually finished by drawing up the report in the presence of a large number of the guards from the Park, the frontier post and the local police office. The infringement ostensibly is I was in the National Park without the sanction of Mr. Bambiza. I was explained in the district inspection of natural resources that they do not remember the cases like this. "You broke nothing while your intentions are registered in the business trip paper", the ecologists of the district body rather surprising commented the drawing up the report in relation to the journalist and the author of the book which is available on their book shelf.

Today I have sent a telephone message to the general director of the National Park with the urgent request to execute the procedure concerning the report up to the end - to forward it for consideration to an administrative commission of the village council or to the Kamenetz District Executive Commettee.

And the last is what I want to crush outright the scientific world. Nickolai Bambiza decided to change an image of the "hardened" economic planner or to add it with a doctor scientific degree on wildness protection. According to my data, the theme of his theses sounds like "Management on especially protected natural territories".

However, I will not make a secret on what I have seen during this visit in Belovezhskaya Pushcha - to what extent is possible to humiliate the science when hating it.

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