NEWS ARCHIVE: December 2002

December 04, 2002 «Argumenty I fakty v Belarusi» (Arguments and facts in Belarus) Newspaper, #49 Deer ate all feed in Reserve

It is quite common that animals living in Belovezhskaya Pushcha can look for their feed in the so-called «buffer zone» — forest areas and collective farm fields which surround the Reserve. As deer have already eaten almost all undergrowth in Pushcha, Pushcha's area enlargement would solve the problem of feed acreage. So now the area of the National Park will be enlarged by 20 per cent, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection told an «Arguments and Facts» journalist. The water-resources Reserve «Dikoe» which is at the border of two Belarusian distrits — Pruzhany (Brest region) and Svisloch (Grodno region) — as well as areas of collective farm flood-land which cut into Belovezhskaya Pushcha will become part of the National Park. Its new borders will be approved by the Belarusian government in the near future.

Yana Polyanskaya
December 26, 2002 «Slonimskaya Gazeta» (Slonim Newspaper) newspaper, #290 Euro-region "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" grows larger

The areas of Pruzhany, Kamenetz and Svisloch have become part of the Euro-region «Belovezhskaya Pushcha». Their potential for tourism is of major interest. In view of that the areas are now being put in order and their local eco-problems are being treated with special attention.