NEWS ARCHIVE: November 2004

November 30, 2004 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 226 The Grandfather Frost has left holidays

The children of the present times imperceptibly has lost the domestic fantastic heroes. Harry Potter, Batman and Robots-Transformers are all around... Say please, can Ivan-Jester or Snake-Gorynych win the children-"electors" and take them from the armed to the teeth, modernly equipped by engineering and dressed up in costumes from the best fashion designers foreign-made personages? Nevertheless the candidate to open both the children's and adult hearts is available. He is our beloved Grandfather Frost. His age is eternity. Hi is the good-natured person for life. Hi is the wizard for duty. He is the public holiday as a matter of fact. And what is very important it is not necessary anything to invent. The Belarusian Grandfather Frost exists! Moreover he set up the real estate, the wooden carved log hut in the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" last winter.

The information of "SB"

Since 4th of December a bus route from Minsk to the Grandfather Frost residence is open. The New Year's routes will appear in other regions of the country as well.

The estate of the Santa Clause from Lapland and the land of the Russian red-nose magician in the Velikiy Ustug cannot be compared with the residence of our Grandfather Frost, the head of the nature museum of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Grigory Romanyuk asserts. The fantastic estate covers 15 hectares in the midst of untouched woods which are famous for primeval beauty and mysterious legends.

It is difficult do not believe the virtue of magic in the "frost" estate. The wooden sculptures, the heroes from the fairy tale "Twelve Months" are looking like live. The wind mill will execute the most secret desires and will pulverize bitterness of the bad acts. The water of life from the miracle well will cure sincere wounds. But these are not all miracles! The meeting with the White-Snow and the family of Gnomes, King-Frog, Buratino Wood-Man and, certainly, Snow Maiden is ahead for the people who visit the kind grandfather while the driving round dances is around the beautiful spruce tree of the high of 40 meters, by the way, one of the highest in Europe.

Who is the addressee receiving the most of letters? Our Grandfather Frost received about 45 thousands of messages for the last New Year's holidays.

November 30, 2004 "Vecherniy Minsk" (The Evening Minsk) Newspaper, No 267 The New Year's TV fairy tale program is prepared in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

The First national TV channel "BT-1" started to shoot the New Year's TV program in the residence of the Belarusian Grandfather Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The popular presenters will appear before the spectators in an unusual role. The director of the TV production management Vladimir Issat said to the correspondent of "VM" that the spectators who will prefer the "first button" in the New Year's television night will become the guest of a fairy tale the screen version of which will remind of the popular play "Pawlinka" written by Kupala. Not only actors but also famous politics will appear in the frame of a TV fairy tale in the New Year's night.

Yuri Svyatokum
November 29, 2004 "Minskiy kurier" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 484 The hunting should be profitable for the state

The government should develop the draft legal documents aiming the regulation of the system of the state management and control for the hunting activity and submit them to the president's consideration up to the end of December of this year. The press-service of the Belarusian leader informed that the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave this commission after the meeting of 26th of November where the results of the development of the hunting activity have been considered.

The fauna is the national resource and the country's property so it should be used in interests of the people. The situation when the unprofitable activity of hunting enterprises shows the growth is inadmissible. In opinion of the President, the government got out of the decision of problems in this sphere what defines this kind of business as unsatisfactory. If to consider the foreign states as the example, hunting brings tens and hundred millions dollars to the state there but not losses.

"The precise control system of the activity of the hunting organizations, of the aiming the effective economic ways of managing and of the rational and careful use of natural resources is necessary, the President emphasized. The existing situation should not be embellished. We have to create the good vertically integrated system provided the control of hunting enterprises' activity. Otherwise our children and grandsons will not see a living animal in the wood in the near future."

The hunting should bring a profit for the state. "A rule holds sway all over the world: it must be paid for such pleasure as the hunting. It is necessary to pay a lot of money that to be allowed for hunting and to receive a license for obtaining a trophy of wild animal. This is very expensive pleasure", Alexander Lukashenko noted. "This is the sphere which belongs to the state and people". The hunting should become an exclusive kind of sports and rest, instead of means of production of meal.

The Ministerial Council was charged to reconsider the sum of payment for hunting of large game and the order of imposing the state tax. The hunting tourism will be developed in the country. It is necessary to create the appropriate infrastructure for attraction of the foreign tourist-hunters in the country.

The poaching is the serious problem. What is important the workers the law-enforcement agencies and the officials make the significant number of such infringers. This is, according to the head of the state, especially as inadmissible. "Everyone shoots and hunts surreptitiously or under the arrangement. A general, minister, high chief came, open all gates and shoot", the President said.

Alexander Lukashenko required to increase the legislative responsibility for poaching and barbarous using the nature in Belarus. The reliable barrier should be put for poaching. "If someone comes in the wood for the first time with a weapon and without the sanction, he should be deprived the rights for hunting, while as regards to an official he should be dismissed from his post", the Belarusian leader said.

The Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Inspection on Animal and Vegetation Protection at the President of Belarus were charged to strengthen the control of the observance of nature protection legislation.

However the President warned of destruction of the already existing system which should not be crushed. "It is necessary to use a maximum from the current situation. The world practice in this field should be taken into account as the final decision is accepted", Alexander Lukashenko suggested. The government offered to centralize the hunting activity within the framework of the Ministry of Forestry. The head of the state charged to analyze this problem in details again because the sphere of competence of this department is currently quite big.

The President specified necessity to systematize and to reform the work of the nongovernmental organizations dealing with the hunting activity. In particular, the work of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishers should be reformed in earnest. There is a proposal to grant the status of the state-public association to it. It should be introduced order in the distribution of the hunting licenses. The head of the state noticed that "it was easier to become a member of the Communist Party in Soviet times than to obtain this document".

The President charged to create the hunting enterpris in each region. These enterprises should be the model for others. The inefficiently working hunting enterprises should be displayed for sale on a competitive basis. Who will pay more and will be agreeing to contribute finances for the development of these hunting enterprises he will becomes the owner. As to this kind of activity, in opinion of the President, the participation of the private persons should not be excluded. However it does not mean that they should be granted by the best enterprises. It is necessary to remember that the moral side is also present inside of this problem; the situation when the enter to a hunting enterprise owned by a private person will suddenly appear closed for an ordinary man should be avoided. Wood, animal and vegetation are riches which belong to the people, Alexander Lukashenko underlined.

The head of the state called national parks namely Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park and Pripyatski National Park subordinated to the Property Management department of the President as the positive examples of the reasonable management of the hunting activity. It was a success to stop plunder of national natural resources and large-scale poaching some years ago due to the personal interference provided by the head of the state.

Alexander Lukashenko charged to essentially reconsider the hunting enterprises' management system. The head of the state required to introduce order in the hunting economy of the country and to approach to this sphere like to other branches of the economy.

BelTA Information Agency
November 26, 2004 "Zvyazda" (The Star) Newspaper, No 288 The Grandfather Frost gets orders...

50,000 mail congratulations from the Grandfather Frost were prepared by employees the national company "Belpochta" ("Belarus Mail") this year. Since the Grandfather Frost took up residence in Belovezhskaya Pushcha the dream of many Belarusian children, especially young citizens of the Brest region, is to personally introduce him. Tourist firms, certainly, do not lose opportunity to earn the additional money and with pleasure organize excursions to Belovezhskaya Pushcha scheduling the visit of the Grandfather Frost residence.
November 26, 2004 "Minskiy kurier" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 482 Nature under protection of the law

Ten Belarusian sites were included in the European network of the key botanical areas.

The partly Reserved Area "Light-blue Lakes" (Minsk region) where 12 lakes characterized by a specific stuff composition and the light-blue colour of water are located wihin the area of 1,500 hectares, the partly Reserved Hydrological Area "Elnya" (Vitebsk region) - one of the largest in Europe marsh areas, the Height "Gorodokskaya" (Vitebsk region) characterized by a unique landscape, the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" (Brest region) where patches of once vast lowland broadleaf woods with relic plants have been preserved, the National Park "Pripyatski" (Gomel region) where there are all types of woods and bogs which are characteristic for the Polessie area are recognized the unique in the frame of the continent. The Berezinski Biosphere Reserve (Vitebsk region) where 800 species of plants, 250 species of mosses and 200 species of lichens grow, the Polesski State Radiological Reserve (Gomel region) consisted mainly of broadleaf woods and valley-flooded ecosystems of the river of Pripyat with the unique for Belarus water and coastal vegetation communities, the partly Reserved Area "Sopotzkinski" (Grodno region) biological diversity of which was originated under a strong influence of the Atlantic ocean, the partly Reserved Area "Nalibokskaya Pushcha" known due to its high species diversity, and Svislochsko-Berezinski century broadleaf forest area where the creation of the National Park is under consideration are also became the key botanical territories.

The European criteria accepted by the International organization of plant protection "The Planet Europe" three years ago were the basis of selection of the key botanical territories. Three basic attributes were taken into consideration as the sites were inspected. So, the botany experts drew attention to flora which is rare not only in Belarus but also in Europe. Specificity of ecosystems was also taken into account: woods with rare species composition, valley-flooded forests, bogs, lakes and small river systems were under special attention. The third criterion was the total diversity and the number of species.

The necessity of selection of the key botanical territories in Europe has arisen in 1995 as the comprehension of formation of the qualitatively different system of protected natural territories on the continent. The projects on selection of the key sites are under realization in Great Britain, Greece, Czech, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia and Turkey now. Belarus was chosen for realization of the pilot project in this region in 2002 as the first country in East Europe. The project is carried out in the Institute of Experimental Botany of the National Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection and supported by the International nature protection organization "Plantalife" and IUCN.

The development of the management plans for the listed above natural territories will be the second stage of the project.

November 26, 2004 "Byelorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta" (The Byelorussian Business Newspaper) Newspaper The struggle with criminality is also the politics

The International Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus has approved ratification of the Belarusian-Polish intergovernmental agreement about cooperation in the field of struggle against criminality. This document was signed in Belovezhskaya Pushcha by the heads of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Belarus and Poland on December 8, 2003 and was already ratified by the Polish party.

The leader of the Head Management Department of the Preliminary Investigation Leonid Gluhovski said at session of the commission that the main aim of this agreement is to strengthen interaction of force departments of two countries for the struggle against criminality and international terrorism, illegal circulation of radioactive substances, drugs, weapon and smuggling. According to the agreement the party obligate to undertake the search of the persons who made crime and went into hiding on the territory of the neighboring state.

November 25, 2004 "Vecherniy Minsk" (The Evening Minsk) Newspaper, No 263 To be a guest at the tale

The house with the carved porch and small windows, full of colour lights, is available in the midst of Belarusian woods, in the heart of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Smoke is slowly running from a pipe while the winter silence is around. This picture like being copied from the children's dream has passed from imaginations to the real life long time ago. The fantastic estate of the Belarusian Grandfather Frost (Santa Clause), which was built in the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" last year, again accept the visitors. Since the first calendar day of the winter, of 1st of December, the State Management Department "Centre on Sanatorium and Health Resort Work" at the Property Management Department of the President of Belarus organizes the bus trips to the residence of the Grandfather Frost each Saturday.

The employees of the sector of excursions told to the correspondent of "VM" that meetings with the fairy tale will be organized all the winter. The main sights in the huge estate owned by the New Year's wizard are houses of the Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, the museum where thousand letters sent by children are stored, the wind mill and the magic well. The visitors can also taste dishes of the Belarusian kitchen and take a walk in the forest. The heroes of the fairy tales "Twelve Months" and "Snow-White and seven Gnomes" cut out from the wood will meet children and adults at the snow-covered glades. Many young people will see a pride of the Belarusian woods, the living bison, deer and wild boar for the first time and will visit the museum of nature.

The true natural miracle is growing in the estate's area as well - the highest in Europe spruce tree, forty meters tall.

Photo by Petr KOSTROMA
November 20, 2004 Website News Service Professor Janusz Bogdan Falinski has gone

Professor Janusz Bogdan Falinski
On 11th November 2004 Professor Janusz Bogdan Falinski, Chair of the Scientific Council of Bialowieza National Park and steadfast defender of the Bialowieza Forest, has gone. Prof. Falinski was an outstanding scientist and great expert on the Bialowieza Forest. His name was known not only in Europe but all over the world. He was an author of many publications and books about the Bialowieza Forest. He was generally recognized by his colleagues and lovers of the Bialowieza Forest. And the most important is he was man of the unusual format. He was interested not only in biology, but also in literature, culture, art. Prof. Falinski was a stable element of the Bialowieza's landscape: biking to meeting of the scientific council or across of his beloved Forest. He never had a car. He has spent over 40 years of his life, quickly getting in love with the Forest and the whole region with its diverse nature, culture and religion. From the very beginning he was managing the Bialowieza Geobotanical Station of the Warsaw University, which was created by him.

He use to say: "If we would like to enjoy the beauty and use Bialowieza Primeval Forest as source of knowledge, we must care about it! And to care, means not to degrade it! Nobody should destroy its own house, source of its happiness. If we will follow our desire to capture to much - we will lose everything. Bialowieza Primeval Forest should serve, giving joy from its natural beauty, for all of Poles, Belarus and citizens of whole Earth, and also for our children and grandchildren."

Prof. Falinski has leaved fond memories for his colleagues, followers, friends and acquaintances both in the Bialowieza Forest's region and abroad.

The Initiative Group "Belovezhskaya Pushcha - 21st Century" expresses deep and sincere condolences in view of the death of this Great Scientist and Man.

Information was granted by the Bialowieza National Park's administration, Poland
November 20, 2004 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 220 Ten key botanial territories

Ten Belarusian sites were included in the European network of the key botanical areas. They are the partly Reserved Area "Light-blue Lakes", the partly Reserved Hydrological Area "Elnya", the Height "Gorodokskaya", national parks "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" and "Pripyatski", Berezinski Biosphere Reserve, Polesski State Radiologic Reserve, partly reserved areas "Sopotzkinski", "Nalibokskaya Pushcha" and Svislochsko-Berezinski forest".
November 20, 2004 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 220 Garlands for the main city Christmas-tree

The Brest factory "Tzvetotron" carries out an unusual order, garlands for the main city Christmas-tree. Live trees which are usually delivered from Belovezhskaya Pushcha will be not place at the center of the regional city any more. An artificially-made beauty will be set up this year there. This is why the new original ornaments became necessary.
November 16, 2004 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 108 Strangers do not go here

83,000 tourists visited Belovezhskaya Pushcha for nine months of this year. This figure, most likely, will grow nearly to 100,000 visitors in January. A new absolute record for visiting set up in 1980 when 93.000 tourists came to Belovezhskaya Pushcha will be established. Today we conversed with the general director of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Nickolai Bambiza about the unique reserve, new projects and problems.

What is the secret of the record on attraction of tourists?

As it is known we housed the Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus). This year each third tourist visited Pushcha preciously to see him. The same number of people comes to the Park for hunting. The National Park provides the hunting service of the highest level today - hardly someone can be our competitor anywhere more in Europe. Almost each visitor, if he wishes, can hunt a wolf, wild bore, roe or red deer and he has all chances to take a trophy because animals are very numerous. This is due to an enclosure covered 3,500 hectares which was constructed at the skirt of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. We attract animals from the central part of Belovezhskaya Pushcha where their number exceeds the scientifically proved limit to this enclosure by different ways. "Superfluous" animals become the object for hunting in this enclosure. 26,000 tourists visited Belovezhskaya Pushcha three years ago while they will be twice more numerous this year.

By the way, do you know a story how the Grandfather Frost appeared in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? During one of the visits the President asked the employees of the National park how they intend to attract children to Pushcha. Not having received the clear answer, he proposed to build a residence of the Grandfather Frost. Today this residence is a school of the ecological education for children. Nobody set up the task to use children for earning money. The situation concerning hunters is another a little bit. It is necessary to pay for adrenalin.

Recently the President signed the new Regulation of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" by his decree. What is the cardinally new in this document?

Now, for example the borders of the National Park are precisely designated. Recently its territory has been enlarged: 47,000 hectares of the adjacent areas were joined (for comparison, the Polish part of Belovezhskaya Pushcha covers 11,000 hectares; the note by A.G.). These are lands which are not used for the agricultural production because of the low soil fertility. However I am not sure that the cost of the square meter of this land is cheaper than in Minsk. We joined these lands together with villages where almost all houses are empty or, to say more correctly, houses were empty recently. Now everything is bought up. Lately we made an auditing and revealed that only several Belarusians became the new owners of village houses while the others are foreigners from both the close and distant foreign countries. There was the case as a "new Russian" bought a cellar made of simple cobble-stones in one of the joined villages by a mythical price. A house fell to the ground already. Then a three-floor private residence started to grow above this cellar! Why do not grow in the protected zone?! The access for strangers is close today: the entrance only through a check post is available. The animals run near a window. They are rounded up to the skirt of Belovezhskaya Pushcha for settling as a measure conducted by employees of the National Park who build the feeding platform for this purpose. Mushrooms and berries which are not picked now because the people are absent grow near a threshold. The lake is teeming by fish since poachers are not allowed to go here. According to the law the creation of country sites and garden companies within the territory of national parks and reserves is forbidden. We can apply this law after the new borders of Belovezhskaya Pushcha were precisely designated by the decree of the President, without respect of persons. The designation of the area of the buffer zone is also important for the National Park. It is known that except of scientists the firemen are allowed to enter there. The new Regulation defines 30,000 hectares of surface for this zone. This is as so much as even everyone in the West, whence there were reproaches allegedly about a few size designed for the protected area in the Belarusian part of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, stopped talking now. Certainly it is very unprofitable to serve this zone, though apparently only efforts of the state for its protection from the people are required. But there is a serious problem: the bark beetle, the powerful trouble for other parts of Belovezhskaya Pushcha comes from the buffer zone. Only liquidation of the affected by larvae trees can be a way to win the beetle.

We are glad that the new Regulation on the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" allows to give up all sentimentality concerning the fight with bark beetle at least outside of the protected area. I admit that our experts were circumspectly engaged in this struggle in respect of the public opinion, as a rule, gathered from a "yellow" press. There was written there that even century oaks are allegedly felled in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, otherwise why the Park's sawmill works round the clock. Meanwhile the West reproached us that we cut too little.

Does it mean you will start to cut more?

We will do everything to win bark beetle in the future, to attract tourists much more than now and to save the Pushcha's riches for descendants.

Anatoly GURIN
November 11, 2004 "Minskiy kurier" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 469 A bride for San Sanych

A long-awaited visitor, a bride for young bison San Sanych is expected in the Minsk zoo after the first snow will cover. A beauty contest for bison females will be conducted in the earlier winter in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It is quite complicated and responsible process to choose a partner for bison. However the employees of the zoo hope that the "first beauty" of Belovezhskaya Pushcha will match the San Sanych's refined style as well as she will become in good graces to one of the most popular inhabitants of the Minsk zoo.
November 09, 2004 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 108 Not land but paradise

The fact...

The partially protected landscape area "Pribuzhskaye Polessie" was inscribed on the List of Biosphere Reserves which are under protection of UNESCO. This decision was made at the 18-th Session of the UNESCO International Coordination Council in Paris.

... And the comment

Only two Belarusian reserves, the Berezenski Biosphere Reserve and the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", were on an international list of Biosphere Reserves until recently, the head of the thematic group on optimization of ecosystems of Belarusian Polessie of the National Academy of Sciences, the Philosophy Doctor of Biology Victor Demyanchik said. The recently created protected area was awarded this honour for several reasons. This is the only reserve in the lowland Europe which is located in three countries - Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. Tens species of animals listed in the Red Data Book live within the area of seven thousand hectares. The unique plant Royal Fern can be met only there. About two tens of other rare plant species grow in this protected area.

The inclusion of the Reserve into the international network is some kind of the mark of quality awarded for a few. However the new status also imposes new obligations therefore activities will be focused now not only for nature protection of this area but also for development of its infrastructure. Belarusian scientists are going to afforest the open lands and to create recreational zones and educational routes in the coming years, Victor Demyanchik told. "Pribuzhskaye Polessie" is now not only the property of our country but of the entire world, he said.

By the way

Today over seven percents of the area of Belarus are under the special protection. There are fore national parks (Pripyatski, Narochanski, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and Braslav Lakes) and about 100 national partly protected areas in the country. Creation of these areas allowed to rescue the threaten species of animals and plants listed in the Red Data Book and to save a natural landscape.

Information of "SB"

Over 440 Biospheres Reserves from 97 countries were included in the UNESCO international network while each of them remains to be under jurisdiction of that state where it is located.
November 06, 2004 "Minskiy kurier" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 118 Belarus is the most unique site in Europe

The press-service of the head of the state informed BelTA Information Agency that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko answered the questions of journalists at their request on November 04.

The question:

- Lately there is a great deal of talk about development of tourism business in Belarus. Today you were reported about the building the fife-star hotel in the centre of Minsk. Does it testify about the significant increasing the visits of foreign tourists and foreign businessmen to Belarus in the nearest future?

The answer:

Alexander Lukashenko: it is difficult to go round Belarus. The country is located in the centre therefore, in spite of the accepting this fact or rejecting it, they cross our country, and they look our country and our capital. Certainly the number of these people will be constantly increased. We improve and build in Minsk and in other cities that beforehand to be ready to accept visitors.

Remember, five years ago I convinced our people about the future when our production will be much in demand. What is turned out now? Five years have passed and we have not time now to make all demands concerning the production of "BelAZ" and "MAZ" lorries, tractors, refrigerators, TVs and so on. Our production for example wares of the light industry are very much in demand now.

I said also that the time will come and our agricultural production will be in demand so much that we will have no time to execute all demands outside of our country. What do we see today? Today Russia buys meat as much as possible by prices of two times more compared with our internal costs. We produce the meat more now but we could make and sell it even more.

The tourism development will face the same situation. If we delay the development in this field then we will not able to repair an omission. So it is necessary to work now and to be ready to receive the coming visitors who will pay and leave money here. This is one of the reasons why I am permanently making the pressure to the people: more quickly, more quickly. We should live more quickly that to have this "fishing-rod" then to catch the "fish" which will be brought here by our neighbours.

Therefore, certainly we are preparing to meet this influx of visitors. Moreover this is not only in Minsk. We will hold a meeting on water tourism in the near future. We want to restore the way so-called from Varangians to the Greeks or from the Baltic to the Black sea as well as to restore water channels. We already conduct works at the August channel. I think about possibilities to announce this channel as the youth building-site like it has been done once, in good sense of this word, and to enable youth to make it for their future, for the future of children. They could earn money there. We will examine and finance such projects. I want of your understanding the fact: Belarus is the most unique site in Europe. Excuse me, but everything is dirty already there. Everything is nice, splendid and tightly piled but there is no space to take breath for a man there. As to Russia, it is coldly, beautifully and diversely regarding a nature. While here, at the centre of Europe, the winter, the summer, the true autumn and spring, and the beautiful nature are available. Belarus is not overpopulating. There are a lot of woods, water and marsh resources. Regarding bogs, this is oxygen. Everything is available in Belarus.

Foreigners already use this. I thought suddenly seven years ago: I came to Belovezhskaya Pushcha while the "stern" guys started to build private residences and the whole villages. I had two years to be at a war that to push out them from there. This is the property of the people! We have to rest there and to earn money from this business. But to live is not allowed there. This is the common legacy while they already divided up a land into quarters and built fences. But if it is so, then you, the ordinary people, cannot visit this site.

So there will be very much in demand. There are a lot of offers already now: to build a house, to sell etc. You see how our real estate is rising in price: both habitation and offices. Prices are already high. This is the indication of the demand appeared. The people both from Russia and Europe go here. They know this is a centre; this is a heart of Europe. Therefore we should be ready to face the new situation.

I think I do hope we will personally witness this tourist boom in Belarus in the future.