NEWS ARCHIVE: September 2005

September 13, 2005 "Vecherniy Minsk" (The Evening Minsk) Newspaper, No 207 A Grandfather Frost to stay for a while with his colleagues

The major Belarusian Grandfather Frost, which residence is located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, got invitation to take part in a All-Russia Grandfather Frosts' meeting. The event will be held in Moscow on September 28 within the framework of the Fifth International Exhibition "A Holiday Industry - Grandfather Frost". A tree-day festival of the New Year's game and dramatized programs and the seminar on the subject of "Modern lines of organization of New Year's and Christmas holidays" are parts of the meeting.

Since the Grandfather Frost residence's foundation in Belovezhskaya Pushcha , more than fifty thousand letters sent by children from Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and other countries have been delivered there. Their content was not only love-words addressed to the kind fairytale hero, but also pictures, hand-made articles, and video cassettes with songs and dances. The correspondence comes the year round, though certainly the Grandfather Frost receives a greatest amount of the letters within the New Year's holiday.

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September 08, 2005 "Brestski Kuryer" (The Brest Courier) Newspaper, No 37 A double celebration in school

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The Kamenyuki secondary ecological school located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha has marked one's 10-year's anniversary by celebration on the Knowledge Day, on September 1.

Educational institutions with such the ecological status in Belarus can be counted in the fingers of one hand. An eco-project, directly integrated into an educational program and the children's public organization "Eco-polis", is brainchild begun with the school director Valentina Frolova, native inhabitant and graduate of the Kamenyuki school. Overall objectives of the eco-school are studying and protection of nature in such the most reserved site as Belovezhskaya Pushcha is, as well as humanitarian education. An honorary certificate "Realization of the Author's Pedagogical Projects" was handed to the director of the Kamenyuki secondary ecological school on the eve of the academic year as recognition of a village eco-school model she created.


Photo by Heorhi KAZULKA (from the website news service)

A note of "BP - 21"

The Kamenyuki secondary ecological school is located within the area of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

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September 06, 2005 "Minski Kuryer" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 717 A word was the first.

Fete near the Kamenetz Tower
As a Belarusian tradition, the first Sunday of September is a Literature Day celebration. In the past, this day was celebrated in Polotsk, Novogrudok, Nesvizh, Orsha, Pinsk, Zaslavl, Mstislavl, Mir and Turov towns. The ancient town of Kamenetz of the Brest region, which has a seven-century history, was chosen the place to celebrate this year.

There is a legend "Love a place close to the banks of the rive Lesnaya, settle it, then to build a town, and call it Kamenetz, because of stone grounds around". The only this phrase from the Ipatiev Chronicle can tell a history how the whole town was founded. In the XIII century, a big part of the modern Brest region (this area was called the Beresteiskie lands in those times) belonged to princes from Galitzko-Volynsk. This area situated between Mazowia, from one side, and Black Rus and Lithuania, from other side. The warlike neighbours permanently waged battles to posses the Beresteiskie lands, so-called to the death. After the next Mongol-Tatar foray when the settlements placed within this territory were literally wiped off the face of the earth, Vladimir Vasilkovich has decided to fortify the northern border. In this way, a steep hill-coast along the river became a place to build the new settlement. Shortly the hill has become livening up. The area got filled with voices of the people who cut down trees, built habitations, made fortifications, dug defensive moats, and raised ramparts. So the town, which has made pressure to a mighty bison and other wild animals living in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, has grown at the Lesnaya river.


Photo by Vadim ZAMIROVSKIY
September 05, 2005 The Website "TUT.BY" The new Museum "Kamenetzkaya Tower" is open in the Kamenetz town

On September 4, the new Museum "Kamenetzkaya Tower" has been opened in Kamenetz town, the Brest region. The members of the Organizing Committee on Belarusian Literature Day's celebration led by Vice-Premier Vladimir Drazhin became its first visitors.

The Museum located in the Kamenetz Tower (Pillar) is a branch of the Brest Regional Museum of local lore, history, and economy. In interview to BelaPAN News Agency, director of the Regional Museum Taisiya Novikova has said that an exposition was created within this year. "The last year the experts have developed a scientific concept including the themes' content and have begun to collect exhibits to create new cultural facilities. If original relics did not sufficed, the artists, sculptors and designers made copies of exhibits or their models", Taisiya Novikova has said. "The exposition of the Museum acquaint visitors with a history of the Kamenetz town and its main sight that is the White Tower. Findings got from long-term excavations at the place of the Kamenetz settlement and its surroundings make a significant part of the exposition.

On the first tower tier, architectural types and construction particularities of the Kamenetz Pillar of the late XIII century (a store with barrels for water and food and weapon stocks) and a triptych devoted to the town foundation are presenting. The second and third tiers expose the archeological findings. The exposition demonstrates how an economy, culture and policy were developed in the town that provided a frontier bastion service for the Volynsk Principality. The fourth tier shows defensive constructions of the "Johnson" type (separately located fortress tower), got erected as a model of White Tower in Western Ukraine, Western Belarus and East Poland. The last fifth tier of the exposition represents a weapon workshop of the XIII - XVI centuries and its production widely used by medieval knights.

A note of BelaPAN. The Kamenetz White Tower was constructed in the period from 1276 to 1288 by the architect Alexa under the order of Volynsk Prince Vladimir Vasilkovich to defend the borders of his possessions. The circular stone construction is about 30 metres high, the outside diameter is 13.5 metres , the wall thickness is 2.5 metres. A battle gallery with 14 rectangular massive wall cogs having through apertures towers above a Tower vault. The inside of the Tower, consisted of dark red and yellow squared bricks, is divided into five tiers. The outside is decorated by plastered flat arch niches and is cut through with crack-like and lancet loopholes. The art expressiveness of the building is achieved due to the volume solidity, architectural design harmony, and successful placing the Tower on an eminence, which was enclosed with earthen and wooden walls.

Information source is BelaPAN News Agency
A note of "BP - 21"

The Kamenetz Tower is situated at a tourist route that passes to Belovezhskaya Pushcha from the south and southeast of Belarus and is popular among the tourists.

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September 03 2005 "Sovetskaya Byelorussia" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, No 170 Word under the canopy of the White Tower

Tomorrow the country will celebrate a Belarusian Literature Day for the twelve time. The famous Kamenetz Tower (Pillar) served as some kind of the international visit card of Belarus still since the Soviet times, like bison living in the next area of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Therefore it is no wonder that exactly vicinities of this key area was chosen to celebrate the 2005 Literature Day.

Like in the last years, a ceremony will begin in the morning by a meeting of the participants of scientific creative expedition "Road to sacred places with Grace Fire from God Coffin", started in Minsk the last summer day. A celebratory liturgy will be given in the Sacred Simeon Temple in connection with this case. At noon a colourful festival with participation of traditional folk-groups, knights and national masters is expected at the Kamenetz Tower. The Belarusian Literature Day is not only a holiday of words but also of culture as a whole.

However books will be in the focus of special honour. The leading publishing houses of the country will present the best "products" issued in the last and this year and will announce plans for the future. It is a unique opportunity for bibliophiles to learn all news at first. As to fans of the literature, it is a rare case to take an autograph from the known writer. The masters of the Belarusian literature follow a tradition to use this holiday to be together, not only to see each other but also to meet the readers. So use this case.

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