May 16, 2002 «Vecherniy Minsk» (The Minsk Evening) Newspaper, #97 Tempting paths of eco-tourism

It is known that in 1995 the conception of development of eco-tourism on specially protected natural territories and departmental forest-hunting grounds was worked out and implemented. The conception was designed to create infrastructure which would include tourist resorts, hunter and fisherman's guesthouses, tourist camps and routes etc. Moreover the program is created to expand service background for development of tourism such as nature museums, sports centers, zoo enclosures etc.

Near the hotel in the National Park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» demonstrational zoo enclosures are situated. Here you can see inhabitants of Pushcha — bison, bear, elk, wild boar, deer and wolf. Visitors of the Park can see natural, historical and cultural sights — old trees, Tyshkevich's country estate, ancient tsar road, accessories of honey craft, old tower «Belaya Vezha», unique ensemble of church buildings and other sights which have no analogues in the world.

There are three hotels in Belovezhskaya Pushcha with 176 beds, four guesthouses, comfortable saunas and the restaurant that introduces national kitchen including ones prepared from forest game. In 1998 the restaurant was awarded as the best Belarusian restaurant of national food. In the Park you will find a sport complex which includes volleyball and mini-football fields, tennis court, rental store sporting equipment and art workshops where gifts are produced.

You can order transport that will bring your guests from Minsk or Brest to the Park. There is attendant parking for car owners.

In the National Park «Pripyatski» you can enjoy short and long auto and aqua tourist routes and hiking. And water trip on board of a comfortable motor ship down Prypiat river is really unforgettable. During 7 days tour visitors can meet over 180 species of birds…

May 18, 2002 «Respublika» (The Republic) Newspaper, #107 We are looking for something special in Africa while Afrikaans go to Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Live of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha is rather different on both sides of border.

It is obvious that Belovezhskaya Pushcha is less popular than its neighbor the Bialowieza National Park in Poland. There is no surprise because public service is highly developed there. Everyone can get a map with marked places of interest or to hire a bike or spring-carriage and to watch the beauty of the park even in the night because every carriage is furnished with dash-lamps. Even disabled people feel themselves comfortable and good there because of special lifts for wheel-chairs that go to the very top of a tower to see the view of the Bialowieza Forest in vicinities of the Bialowieza village.

But the most exiting thing is the palace garden in Bialowieza where you can hire a canoe and go to a cozy summer restaurant. But do no forget about life-saving jacket. The author of the article was surprising to meet three canoeing black men there. So, there is no use to look for something special in Africa when it is near. We would like to congratulate our neighbors and to wish them all the best in managing the Park. They are on the right path, no doubt. They use the right tactic to attract visitors to the Park. The flow of people quintupled. As the Poles say they were lucky to hit it with printing production. They have already printed about 2 hundreds of different booklets, postcards, maps and other promotional literature. Moreover they produce t-shirts, caps, pins which are available everywhere in the Park. Concerning Belarus it should be noticed that only three poor made booklets were printed here.

Now when Belovezhskaya Pushcha is lead by a new management all kind of services in the Park are being improved. Even during a half year period of work of Mr. Bambiza (general director) there made more for building and reconstruction of tourist infrastructure than was made during previous five years. We hope that publication of printed products will be also better now because a seldom country has such an important object like Belovezhskaya Pushcha to promote not only the Park but the whole country.

Vyacheslav SEMAKOV