May 03, 2001 "Birzha Informatzii" (The Information exchange) Newspaper, #167 Burial mounds, ritual stones, vanished churches…

Flora and fauna of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National park are blessed with the attention of scientists, but it's not impossible to say so about archaeological and historical objects of protected land. However in the Polish sector of BP the work on their findings, stocktaking, mapping and studying has been conducted for many years, and the results of research have come into scientific use. And now, since the mid-1990's, changes in this field have begun to show in the belarussian region, too.

Alla Kvyatkovskaya (from Minsk) is one of the people who has conducted research of archaeological and historical objects of National park. This work has been conducted by her since 1995 in areas of Belovezhskaya Pushcha which stretched out into the territory of Svisloch District of Grodno Region. Here archaeological relics of Pushcha are presented by the sites of Mesolithic epoch and burial mounds. Some of them are being excavated. Scrapers, fragments of knife blades, component of axe etc. are found on the place of mezolit epoch site. Both solitary and groups of burial mounds are discovered in many forest quarters, but the graves have not yet been found.

Besides archaeological relics, objects of pre-Christian cult are found on the boundaries of the above mentioned territory. The stones, some with hollows and some without, which were worshiped, hills, springs, trees, pits similar to craters alike belong to them. There is an attractive legend about a pit like crater 5–7 meters in depth near the village Berniki, where the old residents say a church had once stood and had disappeared vanishing under the ground. Another deeper pit (near the village Dobrovolya) is said to be the place where another church collapsed into a chasm, too. In the village Tiraspol a pine tree is remembered for it took 3 people to encircle the trunk. It was a place the people went to pray — there was an icon at it. This pine tree burnt more 10 years ago: country children set fire to it.

Vadim Zhuravlev
May 17, 2001 "Sovetskaya Belorussiya" (The Soviet Byelorussia) Newspaper, #132 Bisons got cocky

The chairman of Svisloch District executive commitee (rajispolkom) Anatoly Kuzma imparted that cow herd of collective farm (sovkhoz) «Novy Dvor» of Grodno Region had been assailed by bisons. In the assault, which occurred at the pasture not far from large forest tract, 15 bisons took part. Two cows became their sacrifices, they were literally torn to pieces. Management of sovkhoz intends to take legal action against the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National park for sum of cost of perished cows.