April 24, 2010 Website "" The Brest region invites Czech businessmen for realization of projects in the field of tourism

The Brest Region and the Czech Republic have great potential to develop mutually beneficial cooperation, Chairman of the Brest Region Executive Committee Konstantin Sumar said as he met with a delegation of Czech businessmen on 28 April.

According to Konstantin Sumar, the Brest Region and the Czech Republic may develop cooperation in various areas. The Chairman of the Brest Region Executive Committee highly praised Czech's approach to organization of tourist business. "The Czech Republic attaches great attention to develop the tourism industry", the official noted. For the recent years Belarus has been trying to increase tourist potential as well. The Brest Region intends to develop the tourist infrastructure of the Pripyat Polesie Region and the areas adjacent to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Taking into consideration the transit status of the Brest Region that locates at the most important European transport corridors, great attention is paid to road services development. Konstantin Sumar proposed the Czech businessmen to participate in the projects on development of the tourism industry in the region.

Olga Kobiak, the BelTA Bews Agency
April 23, 2010 Website "UN News Center" Environment protection and restoration to take on special significance after the Chernobyl disaster

Speaking at a plenary session of the General Assembly on the occasion of the International Mother-Earth Day, the deputy of the Permanent representative of Belarus in the UN Zoya Kolontai has attracted attention of the state-members to see efforts of the authorities to provide restoration of an environment and to develop areas suffered from the Chernobyl nuclear plant's disaster.

She has added that today the authorities take steps to keep necessary conditions for the sustainable development of districts suffered from the Chernobyl. She has said that for this purpose Belarus takes consecutive steps for providing the radiation protection of the population and for guaranteeing the clean agricultural production in the areas suffered from the Chernobyl.

In this regard the representative of Belarus has declared for discussions in the UN about the problem of the energy supply in the state-members through the wide-spread use of renewable energy sources. She has emphasized that an attitude of the careful and rational use towards nature was formed in mind of the Belarusian people over many centuries. The fact that Belovezhskaya Pushcha on the Belarusian side which is on a UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites is under a status of the strict nature protection keeping it already over 600 years makes one of the confirmations in favour of this statement.

The representative of Belarus has mentioned that issues of environment protection and rational use of natural resources are traditionally in the centre of attention of the government of the country.
April 22, 2010 "Respublika" (The Republic) newspaper, No 72 By a road to Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Appropriate services of the Pruzhany and Kamenets districts have launched development of a documentation of the use of lands for ground areas located at a route of a planned detour road along the Belarusian perimeter of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Its construction should begin in the second quarter of this year at the state budget financial support. As to brining the road to life for tourists, it's responsibility of the local authorities which have to attract investors. Hotels, cafes, restaurants and other objects of the road service should appear there. About ten ground areas are initially going to be arranged for construction. They will be selling by auction or will be offerring for investors as investment contracts. All of them are located near such known for regular visitors of Belovezhskaya Pushcha villages as Brody, Bely Lesok, Makovishchi, Yanushi and others. If quartering at there, tourists will leave their vehicles and will further get an excursion across the relic forest by means of methods more safely for the environment.

Fedor Mukha
April 22, 2010 Website "BelTA" Tourism to be one of the basic directions of the economic development in the Brest region in 2011 - 2015

Tourism is to be one of the basic directions in the economic development of the Brest region in the coming five years, Konstantin Sumar, chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, declared at its session.

According to the governor, the potential of the region allows to intensify tourist services five times more over the last period. Development of the entrance tourism should be under a special stress.

A set of measures on expansion of the tourism sphere is planned for realization in the Brest region in the coming years. Areas of the Kamenetz and Pruzhany districts adjacent to the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", and the area of Pripyat Polessie and the zone of European motor transport corridors taking place in the region will get a powerful development.

Olga Kobiak
April 20, 2010 Website "" Deer to keep in the Brest forest enterprise

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Red deer are reared in the Brest forest enterprise. The first group of deer was delivered from Lithuania two years ago and the second one has recently arrived from Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Deer are kept in a forest enclosure of the surface of 8 hectares. Young animals will be set free in the forest for further reproduction in July of 2010. There were earlier no deer on the territory of the Brest district at all. The pictures show deer in the Brest forest enterprise.

Photo by Vladimir Cheberkus, ÁBelTA.
April 08, 2010 Website "BelTA" "Belarusian Equator" will be offered for visiting by foreign tourists

An excursion tour "Belarusian Equator" has been developing in Belarus, Sergei Sosunkevich, deputy head of the Tourist Department of the Centre on Sanatorium and Resort Work "CentreResort", has said to a BelTA reporter.

Four days are stipulated to pass the excursion tour which is designed mainly for foreigners. It begins in the city of Brest with visiting a famous fortress. Then tourists are going to the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" where they can see wild animals in an enclosure.

Later tourists visit the Mir and Nesvizh castles. They will also stay in the capital of Minsk where they can join a general excursion. The program includes the visiting of the towns of Silichi and Logoisk, and the Berezinski Biosphere Reserve. Besides, the excursion over the town of Polotsk is a part of the tour.

The excursion tour has got the name "Belarusian Equator" thanks to its biggest part which passes close to the road between the cities Brest and Moscow as it symbolically divides the country into two parts - northwest and southeast. A guidebook about "Belarusian Equator" was issued in the Soviet times in which the author described a travel from Brest to the town of Orsha.

Andrei Asfura
April 05, 2010 Website "The Kamenetz District Executive Committee" A detour road around the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is planned to construct in the near future

A detour road around the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is planned to construct in the near future. The road line will connect some sections of long-distance motorways in the Brest and Grodno regions.

A modern infrastructure including filling stations and pleasure resorts will appear there. The motorway will coincide practically with the perimeter of Pushcha, not "coming" to the territory of the National Park. Construction works are planned to start in May.

Ecologists will closely examine the project before starting it. This is because the main is to avoid suffering flora and fauna of the National Park from the new road.

I.I.Nigerish – head of the Department of Ideological Work