NEWS ARCHIVE: March 2003

March 13, 2003 «EI-express» The Administrative Department of the Belarusian President receives letters, wires and faxes
which call on A.Lukashenko to protect the National Park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» which has now become a place of commercial logging and hunting. The campaign is organized by the Socio-Ecological Union (SEU), the Ukrainian coalition «For Wild Nature» and a number of Belarusian organizations, which, for their security, we cannot name.

The Kiev based eco-group «Earth Above All», The Karelsk association for animals protection, the eco-group «Pechenegi», the Kiev ecological and cultural centre, the Tomsk based organization «Eco-Club» have also sent their appeals to the President. Extensive information on Belovezhskaya Pushcha, including photographs of barbaric logging of the primeval forest, can be found on the SEU website at

The Service for Conservancy of the Kazan State University dedicated a special page on its website to protection of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The materials about the campaign have been published on the e-news run by A.Levin (Zaporozhie, Ukraine) and V.Levchenko (St Petersburg, Russia).

We appeal to all ecological, cultural, women, remedial, religious or political organizations to come out for protection of this unique wilderness area which is Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

You may send your faxes, letters and wires to the following address:

Belarus' President Aleksander Grigorievich Lukashenko
The Administrative Department of the President
Karl Marks St. 38, Minsk 220016, Belarus
fax: +375 17 2260610
March 10, 2003 «BelaPAN» News Agency Ukrainian public appealed for protection of Belovezhskaya Pushcha

The Ukrainian coalition «For Wild Nature», the International Socio-Ecological Union, the eco-group «Pechenegi» and the Kiev ecological and cultural centre have begun a campaign for protection of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

In their appeal to the public and the Belarusian government, representatives of these organizations stress that natural ecosystems of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha is not just the common property of Belarus' people, but the integral part of World Heritage.

The appeal also points up that, taken over by the Property Management Department of the Belarusian President the natural resources of Belovezhskaya Pushcha have been intensively managed. The management does not comply with the policy of conservation of unique primeval forests of the Pushcha, infringes the law governing «On specially protected natural territories» and ignores rules of conservancy.

The Ukrainian ecologists think that the administration of the National Park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» must: put an end to large-scale logging by instructions; stop using a high-capacity wood-processing line in the park; stop commercial hunting; manage the park's natural resources strictly abiding by the environmental regulations and modern conservancy; together with the public work out the National Park Regulations in accordance with the national and international environmental regulations; make public the work of the administration of the National Park and create a public watchdog to control its activity.

The initiators of the campaign for protection of Belovezhskaya Pushcha ask to address respective letters of organizations to Belarusian President Aleksander Lukashenko, and send the copies of such letters to Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Protection, Leonti Khoruzhik. The campaigners also ask to send the electronic copies of the letters to the eco-group «Pechenegi».

Marat Gorevoy