NEWS ARCHIVE: January 2005

January 26, 2005 The Website "" How many mistakes can be found in "Britannic"

A British juvenile of twelve years old liked very much to watch the popular serial "I standers". Lucien George could sit in front of the TV by hours, not tearing away. Naturally, the parents did not go into raptures over such way of time spending by young son. The farther decided to take measures and to send the child in park. The child had no choice but to obey. Lucien, to find something interesting for him, began to read the British Encyclopedia.

Thanks this case, the boy formed a habit to deal with the authoritative edition, telling all and everything, each day. The parents with pleasure noted inquisitive mind of the child who began unexpectedly to find mistakes in the "Britannic"! The story started from one small inaccuracy and terminated by five serious "errors" in connection with Poland, Russia and Belarus. An editor of the 32-volume encyclopedia, after he received a letter from little George, analyzed all articles devoted to East Europe. But probably it should be necessary to study the entire book.

However let's analyze mistakes. The first mistake Lucien found was the following statement: Britannica wrote that the city of Hotin, in the vicinity of which Poland battled with Osman Empire at one time, is situated in Moldova. But actually it is the territory of Ukraine. The second mistake concerns the famous Bialowieza Forest. According to the encyclopedia, its Polish part is located in the regions of Bialostok, Suwalki and Lomza. But actually there are no provinces Suwalki and Lomza in Poland since 1998. Moreover even at the period when they were parts of Poland, the Bialowieza Forest situated only within the area of Bialostok. Among the schoolboy's claims there is also a zoological mistake made in "Britannica". It proved to be that European bison is found not only in Poland as the authors of the encyclopedia state but also in some parts of Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Belarus.

It would be desirable to believe that these are the first and simultaneously the last neglects made by British scientists but not an international plot aimed disinformation all and everyone regarding Russia, Poland and Belarus. Nonetheless the solid edition should inspire tremor and respect. "I paid 700 pounds [1.7 thousand dollars] to bay the Encyclopedia and it is pleasure to know that you can trust this book", the Lucien's father Gabriel George said. "Ii is the large book that contains a lot of information almost about all. Once I together with my son argued about the English Channel's depth and found all facts in the "Britannica". So, let's remain facts to be themselves. After all whose mind will be crossed by thought to personally check the English Channel's depth?

January 25, 2005 "Vecherniy Minsk" (The Evening Minsk) Newspaper, No 18 January 25: this day...

1832 - Russian artist Ivan Shishkin was born. He came in Belarus in 1883 and 1892 and painted a series of pictures represented landscapes of Polesie region. He made 20 etudes in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
January 18, 2005 "The Internet-newspaper BelaPAN" Have a rest at home!

The tourism played the second role in Belarus long time being paid few attentions. The Belarusian tourist sphere orientated the export although it had a serious internal economic potential. As to a domestic tourist the holiday in Crimea or Bulgaria was more convenient and cheap than in Braslav or Naroch lakes.

It is pleasant that the state, actually let this problem slide in due time, make decision to improve defects and to take a turn of the problem to the better. Some big normative documents are developed now. They should promote the tourism sphere to become a high-profitable branch of the economy.

The general director of the National Agency on tourism and one of the developers of the National Program of the tourism development Cheslav Shulga considers that attractions for foreign tourists will be an original culture and nature. Having our natural resources we are quite competitive and a new tourist image of Belarus should be generated according to this thesis, Cheslav Shulga said.

The staking on local natural resources already came up to expectations in the neighboring countries. About 280 thousand tourists visit the Polish part of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and additionally about 60 thousand people use the August channel in Poland for floating for one year. Why cannot these tourists extend their travel to the Belarusian territory?

In general, the formula of the tourism development is simple: investments - tourists - profit.

Printed in abridged form
January 14, 2005 The Website "Charter'97" "Bison" celebrates the birthday

The youth movement "Bison" was four last birthday on January 14 since the date of its foundation. The "Bison" history started on January 14, 2001 when forty young people from different regions of Belarus came to Belovezhskaya Pushcha and proclaimed the movement of a new kind which will be capable of uniting the young people on the threshold of the presidential election. It should be the movement of the people who want to live in the free country.

Thousands actions were carried out for four years of the vigorous activity of the movement "Bison"; many of them became famous all over the world. The activists and volunteers of the movement distributed over 10 millions units of the printed papers lake leaflets, posters, labels as well as independent newspapers which are the only source of the alternative information in many regions. All of these allowed the "Bison" to become a leader of the youth resistance movement and the most active subject on the political field in Belarus.

In 2004 the "Bison" lead the campaign for support of famous political prisoner (Michael Marinich, Valerie Levonovski, Alexander Vasilyev) while hundreds activists of the movement were detained, fined and arrested including suffer from criminal cases. The "Bison" has got the basic weight of preparation and realization of the protest public actions devoted to the ten years' term ending of the Lukashenko's leading when more than hundred people were arrested.

The protests of young people against falsification of results of the parliamentary election and the referendum in 2004 which made free access to the Lukashenko's life governing will be undoubtedly become a part of the history of Belarus. The protest actions where the "Bison" activists were the most numerous lasted eight days. These actions demonstrated to all countries that the Belarusian people did not believe fantastic figures announced by the Central Election Commision.

The "Bison" human right service recorded almost 2000 facts of the arrest of the movement's activists for the period of four years. Tens people were fired the work places and expelled from high schools. Hundreds people were suffered from the administrative arrests and beatings. Tens criminal cases were initiated against the activists of the "Bison". The activists Andrei Zaytsev was forced to commit suicide by the KGB employees.

Despite of severe reprisals young patriots are complete of resolution to continue the struggle.

Press-service of the "Bison" movement
January 12, 2005 "Byelorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta" (The Byelorussian business newspaper) Newspaper A "water tourist ring" are plans for creation

There are plans to create a "water tourist ring" in Belarus, the press-secretary of the Ministry of Transport Nina Kanunnikova said after the last interdepartmental meeting on development of tourist services at the internal waterways on January 12 to the BelaPAN News Agency.

According the experts of the Ministry, the route Brest - Dnepr-Bug channel - Pinsk - Pripyat river - Mozyr the tourist potential of which is now practically out of the use cab be of interest in the frame of this program. Some historical and natural valuable sites are located in this region. Taking this route the visiting of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and historical sites of the city of Brest, the travel along the Dnepr-Bug channel with the passing through twelve navigable sluices, the visiting of cities of Pinsk and Turov, the travel along the picturesque valley of the river of Pripyat including the National Park "Pripyatski" is possible.

Aleksey ORESHKO, BelaPAN
January 11, 2005 The Website of the United Civil Party Lyudmila Gryaznova presented "The Chronicle of infringements of the human rights in Belarus in 2004"

The Vice-President of the United Civil Party, the Chairman of the "Human Rights Alliance" Lyudmila Gryaznova presented "The Chronicle of infringements of the human rights in Belarus in 2004".

This is not a monitoring of infringements of the human rights, Lyudmila Gryaznova said at the press conference. The requirement rules to provide a monitoring are very strict. The dates should be precisely specified and the events should be described in detail. The present work is implemented beyond the framework of any project, this is my own initiative. I present "The Chronicle of infringements" fifth years in succession. I see the people need my job as it allow to make the view about the situation that occurs in the country.

-- The fragment from "The Chronicle of infringements"--

The journalist-ecologist Valery Dranchuk was not allowed by militia to enter the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" for meeting with the international experts.

The Press-service of UCP
January 07, 2005 The Website "Anecdots from Russia" Strange... there has cast a New Year

Finland was separated from Russia and the native land of Santa Clause is now there. The USSR was pull down in Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the Grandfather Frost lives now there. PS Moreover he comes together with the Snow Granddaughter exactly when one doesn't wait him at all.
January 06, 2005 "Minskiy kurier" (The Minsk Courier) Newspaper, No 245 The musicians surprised the Grandfather Frost

The musicians of the Minsk Group decided to restore fairness: to make a gift to the Grandfather Frost who gives all the presents but remains without any gifts. They sent their new music album "The Drawn" to his residence located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

According to the postal workers the guys from the music group proved to be nearly the only people whose letter to the Grandfather Frost contained a gift but not a request for a gift. We wanted to send the album to some sportsmen or other famous people at first but then changed the decision to send it to the Belarusian Grandfather Frost who lives in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

However it was a serious business to put this idea into the practice: the postal workers said that they never accepted the parcels to the Grandfather Frost and... refused even to pack a disk. But the musicians did not surrender and sent an album by the usual letter. They enclosed an explanatory card in an envelope with the text "Hi, Grandfather Frost! Please, listen the album "The Drawn" by summer evenings."

The musicians hope that the disk will be safely reached to the receiver and the music of the Minsk Group "Without Ticket" will be sound soon in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.